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Just big boxes. That’s what they are. That’s what we do. As you know, anyone who does just one thing becomes exceptionally skilled and competitive at that one thing. That was our goal when we re-entered the structural steel erection business after a three year absence. We have “been there-done that” over the last 20 years on all kinds of single-story projects. But, the “big boxes” from 200,000 square feet up to a million square feet are where we do the absolute best. And isn’t that what you the customer wants ? We don’t take a job just for the sake of having work. We give our customers the best of what we do when they want it done.


We have heard the type of projects we do called “dumb big boxes”. Single-story rectangular boxes consisting of columns, beams, girders, joists and roof deck. Our field staff, our crews, our equipment, and our office staff, are all focused on only one type of steel erection project.. Therefore, our customers benefit from our undivided attention and expertise on their “Big Box” projects. That’s not dumb; that’s good business.


Our goal has always been to be the safest steel erector in business. Safety is every minute of every hour of every day whether it be weekly tool box safety meetings or on-going training sessions. Our field operations manager implemented 100 percent tie-off at ANY HEIGHT, long before OSHA mandated it. We use a cabling and rope/rope grab system on the active decking zone. We get the men off of the iron and into man lifts whenever possible. ​


Our field superintendent brings over 30 years of hands-on experience in the structural steel erecting industry. Our office manager has served the last 18 years in all office capacities including project manager, estimator, and safety director. We employ and train our own ironworkers, welders and operators. ​


Safe and efficient do not always work compatibly together. However, joist panelization on larger projects nicely accomplishes both. The job gets done safer, faster, cleaner and with less risk of material damage. Our specialty crews work 7 days a week. By being more efficient in our steel erection methods we can pass the cost-savings on to you, our customer. We understand that we work in a highly competitive market so by keeping our overhead low and our fingers on the pulse of the construction industry we can provide our customers with competitive pricing.